DNA Digital Systems is now an Audio-Video-Computer consulting service. After 40 years in the music business as an owner of recording studios and pro audio and computer sales stores, along with doing live sound in countless venues around the world. I’m now using my experience to help others to get through the problems of working with their technology. 

DNA Digital Systems understands how difficult it can be to make an informed decision when considering a purchase of any new technology.

Everything is computerized, and computer technology evolves so rapidly it’s essential to get sound advice so you can know what’s right for you!

I start by understanding your priorities. This may sound simple but making sure what you buy does what you really want it to can be a complex process with so many decisions to make.  Plasma, LCD or OLED? Cable or Satellite? DVR? Using your computer to stream TV contentWhat about iPhone, Android or iPad? Windows or Macintosh (or both!)?

All these are questions that need answering before you start spending thousands on components. By taking the time to ask questions, understand priorities, document our recommendations, and make sure they are consistent with your needs, DNA Digital Systems helps make sure your money is spent getting what you want!

I love Macintosh the build quality of Apple products are second to none. Not that I don’t like Windows too but Macs are fast, cool, secure and tend to run flawlessly. However, they too have limitations and special considerations. Many Macintosh users still need Windows for specialized applications, so I am fluent with Parallels and using Boot Camp to boot a Macintosh as Windows computer. Yes, a Mac can be used exclusively as a Windows PC. But of course I do work with anyone needing Windows support on a Dell or Lenovo, etc. One of my own computers for recording is a PC that I built, then put Apple’s macOS operating system on it. I affectionately call it a Hackintosh, It also runs Windows simutaneously with Parallels or boots directly to Windows because it is built as a PC.

Whether you’re considering buying your first Macintosh computer product, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or are a veteran Apple enthusiast, DNA Digital Systems delivers you with expert consulting and support. I also support IOS products like iPad and iPhone. If I don’t know something that you’re inquiring about, I won’t give you the run around with a line of BS. But I will, on my own time, find the right answers for you.

If you’re interested in someone helping you with your audio or video recording project, I still have a computer based recording rig for audio recording and video editing in my house, using Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and Final Cut Pro. My other portable recording rig is a MacBook Pro using a Behringer X32 as the audio interface. I can always work within your budget.

If you’re looking to build an in home or business audio or video recording enviroment, I can help you with that also. I have converted part of my house, with sound isolation rooms, and can design a space for your needs also. I use a 3D design program to show how it would look in your home or business.

If your a church is looking to add new technology to streamline your worship services, I can help you through what’s the latest gear will do for you. Whether it be sound control for your worship band, or a way to get better sound intelligbility of the sermon.

DNA Digital Systems is in New Berlin, WI, and will service the SE Wisconsin area. But I will go anywhere depending on your budget.

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